One up Multiverse Oreo Milkshake

One up multiverse oreo milkshake. It is one of the ten new flavors from the one up mushroom brand. Oreo milkshake is a one up chocolate bar made with delicious oreo cookies. This chocolate bar is creamy and sweet. It still packs the punch that one up bars have come to be known for.

This oreo milkshake flavor delivers a smooth & sweet white chocolate texture. It is loaded with actual bits of Oreo Cookie, providing an extra chocolatey crunch with every bite.

One up Multiverse Packaging

The one up multiverse have had an upgrade from our previous one up mushroom bars and so has the packaging. The one up multiverse brand name is found at the top of our bars with the flavors title just below. Below the flavor title we have the picture of our mascot the mario guy from the mario games.

It is also much more easier to verify the authenticity of your one up multiverse bars as they have qr codes at the back. Just simply scan the qr code to find out if the bar is authentic or not.

Where to buy One up Multiverse Mushroom Bars

Due to the growth in popularity of psychedelic mushroom bars. The demand from one up bars has also skyrocketed. Statistics in 2023 show that the one up mushroom & one up multiverse bars make up 28% of the market demand falling second only to polkadot bars. One up mushrooms had a better market share than big and old mushroom chocolate brands such as fun guy chocolate bars. That speaks much of the quality of our chocolate bars. one up chocolate

This high demand for one up multiverse bars has led to influx of many fakes in the market that claim to sell authentic one up bars. Most of these plugs are selling fake bars will not give you the true one up experience. We recommend that you make your purchase from a licensed dispensary or you can buy one up multiverse bars online on our website

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